Our Coffee

Don't you just LOVE the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans?  We do!  That's why we picked the best beans we could find and bring them in weekly from our roasters in Telluride.

On the coffee bar:

Black Magic (formerly Velvet Hammer):

 A blend of dark roasted coffees from the South China Seas and Latin America. Syrupy flavor envelopes the naturally sweet undertones of these coffees brought to an Italian Roast.

Easy on the stomach, mellow, but full bodied.

Organic Breakfast Brew:

Balanced medium roast blend of Guatemalan and Peruvian organics.

Smoky and soft

Organic Peru: 

Ay Caramba! Peru has a long history of organic farming. These beans hail from the fertile Chanchamayo valley and are medium bodied and low in acid.


For sale in our 12oz. bags we order a variety of whole bean coffees each week.

We can order anything you like, depending on availability. See www.thebean.com for a list of all roasts.


For our espresso – 

Black Canyon:

An exotic blend of five coffees from Africa, Indonesia and Central America, heavy and complex. Great for espresso - rich, winey and intense.

Best Seller!